Bericht aus dem Walderlebniszentrum

Vom 8. – 10. August besuchten unsere neuen Oberstufenschülerinnen und -schüler das Walderlebniszentrum in Schöneberg. Während dieser erlebnispädagogischen Tage konnten sich die Schülerinnen und Schüler gegenseitig beschnuppern und auch ihre neue Stammkursleitungen kennenlernen. Nachfolgend ein Bericht aus dem Englisch-Stammkurs.

A new school year has begun, new students, old friends and repeaters of year 11 met at the „Walderlebniszentrum“ in Schöneberg for their experiental education days. The purposes of spending these three days together were becoming a team, learning to overcome adversities and having a lot of fun with all the students of year 11. The challenging tasks brought some of us to their emotional and physical limits. Through the games we learned how to overcome and deal with frustration. In our main classes we needed to solve team challenges that focussed on trust, communication and cooperation and so the group effort built the team spirit within our class. It was difficult for some of us and we had to find solutions for people with individual strengths and weaknesses.

We think it was a great time, especially to get to know new people and also our the new tutors. The experiental education days helped the whole group to trust each other. Because of all the communication and cooperation games we learned a lot about the individual skills, for example who is good at leading a group. Lots of laughs, good conversations and a few tears made the three days an unforgettable time and a good team bonding experience.

(Melek K., English class)